The care that you take of your catch before you get it to the taxidermist is very important!



*  Birds

Wipe excess blood off of feathers.  If you can't take your bird to the taxidermist right away, slide the bird head first into a plastic bag. Release air from bag.  DO NOT BEND TAIL FEATHERS!  Put in freezer.
**  Small Game
Keep animal dry and free from blood.  Take to taxidermist as soon as possible, or place in plastic bag (releasing air from bag), and place in freezer immediately.
***  Shoulder Mounts

Cut around front leg joint and up back side of legs.  Take care while skinning the shoulder and brisket area.  Pull the skin down towards head, trying not to cut any hole (holes can be repaired).  When the back of the skull is reached, cut off the head 3 inches behind the skull.  See diagram:  (figure1)



****  Fish
Wrap fish, making sure all of the fins are laying flat.  Place the wrapped fish inside a plastic bag, releasing air from bag, put in freezer.  If possible, take the taxidermist a photo of the fish.  For catch and release, measure the length of the fish, and the girth at the middle of the fish.
***** Life Size Big Game
Animal can be skinned or brought in whole. (It is recommended however, that an experienced taxidermist do this process due to the sensitive areas around the nose, mouth, and ears.)   To skin, cut down belly of animal and legs to the feet.  Detach at the foot and at the skull.  Put skin the plastic bag, releasing air, and freeze immediately
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